macOS Client Connectivity Setting for CSA

The agent connectivity settings in LDMS currently are not used by macOS, so you are not able to customize your CSA settings.

The attached custom definition will add the ability to configure your CSA information as well as what mode you would like the client to connect using.


This definition applies to any system that scans it, regardless of autofix status.  Meaning you should scope the definition to only the scopes of systems that you want the settings to apply to.

To configure the definition, open up the rule and select the detection script.

1. Set your csa’s public hostname:


2. Next set your csa’s public IP:


3. Next set the connection order: 0:auto, 1:csa, 2:core; if you are unsure – leave it as 0.


4. Lastly uncomment the line below by removing the # at the start.  This # is there to prevent accidental application of this definition without configuration.

#echo “[LT]?xml version=\”1.0\” en…

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