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  1. ExpressNV at |

    Hey first time here, and first time doing this. I need to deploy to about 400 machines a .crx for Chrome which was created for in-house use. Can you tell me how can i deploy using your script via landesk please.

    Thanks for your help

  2. ExpressNV at |

    I will give that a try, how can I set that script to be deployed from LanDesk?

    I appreciate your help

  3. ExpressNV at |

    Hi Peter,

    I tried it but it did not work. Any suggestions? Do i need to add the appid number?

    $($appid);https://clients2.google.com/service/update2/crx” –Force

    I changed it to my shared drive \\myshare\myfile.crx


  4. ExpressNV at |

    I have had no luck getting this to work.

  5. DW at |

    Is it possible to use powershell to parse the manifest.json file for certain properties to ensure they’re properly setup?

    For example, I would want to check permissions, optional_permissions, commands, et cetera.



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