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  1. Siv Elisabeth at |

    “- Whatever setting you choose, locks out both administrators and non-administrators from accessing the GUI system pane.

    – Any 3rd party preference pane icons are also greyed out (java, flash, etc).”

    This is wrong. When the system prefs are open, choose ‘view’ and ‘customize’ – choose what you want to customize. Close System prefs.
    Open them again, go to ‘view’ – and you will find the program in the list, and can open it. If it’s java etc, it will just work. If it’s something that is actually locked in the system prefs, it will ask you for admin password – except for desktop and screensaver, and dock. there you could change a few things, but not really critical..

    1. JP at |

      Siv Elisabeth, you are correct in your statement about being able to access restricted pref panes, but it doesn’t prevent users who are also admins on the machines from following these steps and making changes to the restricted pref panes. This seems to be a bit of “Security by Obscurity.” I think I will have to employ Peter’s method of changing permissions on individual pref panes.


  2. Adey J at |

    I am logged into an admin account; when i used chmod o+r [sys/lib/pref…/whateverfile.pref] it says that I do not have permissions? I also have tried with sudo. OS X 10.11.6


    1. Adey J at |

      $ chmod o-r /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Accounts.prefPane
      chmod: Unable to change file mode on /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Accounts.prefPane: Operation not permitted


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